Tedisco: “Stop the Insanity of Animal Hoarding” & Pass Statewide Registry of Convicted Animal Abusers

Statement from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) on New Case of Animal Hoarding at Schaghticoke Home that has Over 100 Cats


“Today’s news of the New York State Police finding over 100 cats at a home in decrepit conditions in Schaghticoke is why New York needs to stop the insanity of animal hoarding and pass a statewide registry of convicted animal abusers as I have sponsored (A.8443).”


“A statewide registry of convicted animal abusers will protect our animals and people from harm by ensuring abusers never own an animal again and require them to undergo psychiatric evaluation and treatment. If we don't have this three-step approach in place (registry, psychiatric evaluation and banning them from ever owning an animal) then these individuals will just keep on hoarding, creating dangerous health conditions in these neighborhoods and leading to animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.”


“Never forget, animal cruelty is a bridge crime and on the FBI profile as those who are so dastardly as to harm animals can, and do go on to harm people,” said Tedisco the driving force behind passage of the landmark Buster’s animal cruelty felony law, and Chair of the annual New York State Animal Advocacy Day.