Tedisco Memo to Assembly Members on Teacher Evaluations









TO:                 All of my Colleagues in the NYS Assembly


FROM:           Assemblyman Jim Tedisco


DATE:           May 26, 2015


RE:                 Sponsorship of Legislation  



I will soon be introducing legislation that calls for the weight dedicated to evaluating a teacher’s effectiveness based on student’s scores on standardized testing to be limited to a maximum of 5% of the total evaluation of effective teaching.


Research indicates that any Value Added Measure (VAM) that utilizes one measurement to an inordinate level such as the 50% suggested by the Governor is ineffective in correlating a teacher’s effectiveness as it relates to student learning.


A snapshot set of standardized tests that are one size fits all are ineffective given the diversity of the school districts here in our state. Kids from impoverished areas, students with special needs, and those who lack stability in the home are all doomed to failure as are the teachers evaluated by such criteria.


Standardized tests should be used as diagnostic tools to move children forward in their educational journey and not as a benchmark to stigmatize students and teachers.


If you are interested in joining in sponsoring this Bill, please fill out this form and fax it to ext. 4650 or email to [email protected] by Monday, June 1.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call my office at ext. 5772.  



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