Tedisco: “Governor Should Stick to His Guns on Conservative Republican Budget Promises”

Statement from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville)


As the Governor puts the finishing touches on his 2014-15 New York State Budget proposal, I hope he follows through on many of the fiscally conservative Republican promises he made to turn our state’s economy around and lower taxes.  The budget should cap state spending, include a plan to freeze and ultimately cut property taxes, fast-track the elimination of the 18A energy tax that is passed on to consumers, cut the Estate and job-killing Corporate Franchise Tax, and reduce burdensome and unnecessary bureaucratic red tape that stifles job growth.”


“I welcome the Governor’s call for ethics reform and strengthening campaign finance reform laws to go after violators as I have called for in ‘Espada’s Law’ to make it a crime for any candidate to repeatedly fail to file campaign finance disclosure reports as required by law.”


“Lastly, as I first championed in 2011, we need to get serial drunk and dangerous drivers off our roads with a strong three strikes and you’re out law to get these cowboys who cause carnage off the road – forever.”


“For too long some have suggested that New York has had a revenue problem when in fact, it’s had a taxing and spending priorities problem. And one of those spending priorities should be to keep a safety net in place and not cut $120 million for people with developmental disabilities and for those who are in need as the Governor did last year.  As a compassionate society we must be willing to invest in and help those who have long-term challenges and who truly are incapable of helping themselves – not giving handouts to the rich and famous in Hollywood.”  


“Let’s hope the Governor sticks to his guns on his conservative Republican budget promises that will help us move away from that altered reality.”