Tedisco Endorsed by Saratoga & Hamilton County Sheriffs

49th Senate District candidate earns important support from law enforcement with nods by Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo and Hamilton County Sheriff Karl Abrams


            Jim Tedisco today received the endorsement of Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo and Hamilton County Sheriff Karl Abrams to serve as the next State Senator for the 49th Senate District.


            The Glenville Assemblyman is the endorsed Republican candidate for the 49th Senate District in the September 13th Republican Primary.  Tedisco also will be on the Conservative, Independence and Reform Party ballot lines.


            Last week, Tedisco received the backing of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association for his strong record of defending our Second Amendment rights. Tedisco has been endorsed by Senator Hugh T. Farley to succeed him in the Senate seat and has won the backing of scores of local officials representing all the counties of the 49th Senate District.

Tedisco’s public safety accomplishments include:

  • Buster’s Law creating the felony crime of animal cruelty which is important due to its bridge crime nature of abusers going on to harm humans. That’s why it’s on the FBI criminal profile.
  • Civil Confinement of dangerous sex offenders and passage of the statewide registry.
  • Charlotte’s Law for permanent revocation of driver’s licenses privileges for serial drunk and dangerous drivers which has been implemented into policy by the state.
  • Blocking Eliot Spitzer from handing out driver’s licenses to those here illegally which could have given potential terrorists greater access to commit atrocities.
  • Leading the way on legislation and innovative programs to find missing persons.
  • Advocating for our police officers to receive better bullet proof vests and vehicles.
  • Implementing the Safe Summer Bike Helmet Safety program to encourage children to wear bike helmets and promote positive interactions between police and kids.


“Public safety is job number one for any elected official. That’s why I’m honored to receive the endorsement and strong support of Sheriff Zurlo and Sheriff Abrams who do such an outstanding job of leading their departments to keep the public safe. I’m proud of my record of being a strong voice for public safety for all members of our family and will continue to champion legislation to protect lives in the state Senate,” said Tedisco.


“I am proud to endorse Jim Tedisco for Senate who I have worked closely with on numerous public safety efforts including legislation to take serial drunk and dangerous drivers off our streets, protect police officers with additional body armor and better bullet proofing on vehicles, the Safe Summer Bike Helmet Safety program to incentivize children to wear bike helmets and promote positive interactions between youth and police, and strengthening our animal cruelty laws which also protect people since animal abuse is a bridge crime. Jim Tedisco has done an outstanding job as an Assemblyman and been a strong, effective and independent voice for the people and he will make a great State Senator,” said Sherriff Zurlo.


“Jim Tedisco has got my support for State Senate because he will be there to stand up for the men and women of law enforcement and for public safety like he always has as a member of the state Assembly. I know that Jim Tedisco will follow in the footsteps of Senator Hugh Farley and stand up for Hamilton County and our needs as our next state Senator and fight to ensure that our law enforcement and our County have the support needed to keep people safe,” said Sheriff Abrams.


The 49th State Senate District includes parts of Saratoga, Schenectady and Herkimer Counties and all of Fulton and Hamilton Counties.