Jim Tedisco: A Strong Voice to Keep NY Working

Keeping NY Working and Open For Business

  • Named a “Guardian of Small Business” by the NFIB and top ranked for a “pro-jobs” record by the NYS Business Council.

- Cut taxes by $1 billion for 4.4 million New Yorkers.

- Passed lowest middle class tax rate in 60 years and closed a $13.5 billion budget gap without raising taxes!

  • Capped property taxes at 2% and led the way on mandate relief to reduce taxes.
  • Introduced Family Farmers and Apple Growers Relief Act to protect New York’s #1 industry – our family farms.
  • Successfully stopped the NYS Thruway Authority from passing a job-killing toll increase on trucks.  Championing legislation to prevent future toll hikes without legislative approval.


Protecting All Members of Our Family

  • Passed legislation to protect children from being abducted
  • Passed civil confinement law to keep dangerous sex offenders off our streets.
  • Driving force behind Buster’s Law to protect our pets because animal cruelty is a bridge crime and those who abuse animals often go on to hurt people.
  • Authored bill to make college coaches mandatory reporters of child abuse.
  • Championed bill to get serial dangerous and drunk drivers off our roads.
  • Created innovative Safe Summer program to encourage kids to wear bike helmets.
  • Authored legislation to protect senior citizens from abuse by ensuring all senior care facilities perform sex offender registry checks on all employees.
  • Led the way to pass the toughest laws in the nation to protect our pets by creating the first-ever NYS Animal Advocacy Day at the NYS Capitol.


Respecting Our Tax Dollars and Reforming Government

  • Passed three on-time state budgets and reduced state spending.
  • Passed legislation to stop the wasteful printing of paper at the state Capitol and save taxpayers up to $53 million.
  • Authored plan which the Governor implemented as NYSstore to sell used state resources on E-Bay and Craigslist and return dollars back to taxpayers.
  • Will always vote “NO” on legislative pay raises!
  • Authored “recall” legislation to enable citizens to petition to remove elected officials who are derelict in their duties as 19 other states have.
  • Stood up for our 2nd Amendment rights by voting against the so-called NY SAFE Act and introduced the NYS Government Transparency Act to protect our constitutional rights and prevent governors from conducting government in darkness and abusing messages of necessity to limit public debate.


Jim Tedisco’s 5-Point Plan to Keep NY Working


  1. Freeze and cut property taxes
  2. Cap state spending and mandate relief to lower property taxes
  3. Help small businesses create jobs by reducing burdensome and unnecessary state regulations
  4. Fix dilapidated infrastructure to rebuild NY
  5. Invest in education to prepare workers for the kinds of jobs that will drive the 21st century economy.