Tedisco, Amedore, Boyle Call for “Kirby & Quigley’s Law” to Bring Justice for Dogs Executed During Burglary

State legislators call on Assembly to vote on bill that passed Senate 59-1 to make it a Buster’s Law felony punishable by up to 2 years in jail to harm pets during the commission of another felony


Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville), Senator George Amedore (R,C,I-Rotterdam) and Senator Phil Boyle (R,C,I-Suffolk County) today called for justice for “Kirby & Quigley,” two Montgomery County dogs (see attached photos) that were shot and killed during a burglary last week, by announcing “Kirby & Quigley’s Law” to make it a Buster’s Law felony punishable with 2 years in jail and a $5,000 fine for harming a companion animal during the commission of another felony. 


On the evening of February 17th, Denise Krohn returned to her Florida home, after being out for two hours, to find her house was broken into and the horror of seeing her family’s two beloved Goldendoodle dogs, “Kirby” and “Quigley,” lying on the floor in pools of blood from gun shot wounds.


Curtis Lumber has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of any suspect(s).  If you have any information that can solve this case, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff at 518-853-5500.


“Whoever broke into the Krohn’s home and executed Kirby and Quigley is a cold-blooded killer who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is by the Grace of God that another member of the Krohn family was not present when this occurred as there’s no question in my mind that whoever would commit such a violent crime against a pet would not hesitate to harm a human,” said Tedisco, who was the driving force behind passage of the landmark Buster’s animal cruelty felony law and the Assembly Chair of NYS Animal Advocacy Day. “Thanks to the entire Krohn family who have allowed us to name the bill after Kirby and Quigley and turn their tragedy into something positive to raise money for our animal shelters and help other families in the future by increasing penalties for those who would commit such violent acts.”

“The Krohn’s lost Kirby and Quigley, two beloved members of their family in a heinous criminal act,” said Amedore. “We need to do everything we can to protect all members of our families – including our pets – and make sure that these types of crimes are properly punished. I will continue to support this legislation, and hope our colleagues in the Assembly Majority will allow this bill to be voted on this year.”


“I am both saddened and disgusted by the violent deaths of Kirby and Quigley,” said Boyle, Senate Chair of NYS Animal Advocacy Day. “It is far too often that these despicable crimes against innocent animals go unpunished. The time is now to ensure that the punishment fits the crime for perpetrators who harm an animal in New York State.” 





“My life was changed forever in a heartbeat. In that instant when I realized that something so evil had happened in my house I felt empty. My home had been violated, but the damage that will live on forever was the cruel, sick nightmare, that plays over and over in my mind. Kirby and Quigley were full of life, kind and the center of our family. How was I going to move forward? How do I face my students, let alone anyone I know without breaking down everyday? My salvation came to me from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco. I was well aware of Buster's Law, so when we were approached by Assemblyman Tedisco, I knew immediately I was going to be able to face this evil. There was no question in my mind that Kirby and Quigley would be honored to be the name and face to this new Law. We were blessed to have these amazing creatures, that loved us unconditionally, and now we are going to share them with everyone! My dogs will not have died in vain. How this has not become a law already baffles me. To now have this goal to pass the Kirby and Quigley Bill into a Law has lifted our spirits. I am able to see the good again through the outpouring of support near and far, and now this bill must become a law,” said Denise Krohn.


“Kirby and Quigley’s Law” (A.1596/S.2936), which passed the Senate 59-1, would expand the definition of aggravated cruelty to animals under Buster's Law to include harm to animals during the commission of another felony. This enhanced penalty of two years in prison is important to ensure that perpetrators will be charged with felony animal cruelty charges when they face other felonies such as burglary. Tedisco is the prime sponsor of the bill in the Assembly and Senator Phil Boyle (R,C,I-Suffolk County) sponsors the bill in the Senate and Senator Amedore voted for and strongly supports its passage.  The legislators are renaming the measure “Kirby & Quigley’s Law” in the dogs’ memory.


This year, the FBI has moved animal cruelty to a top tier Group A offense in its crime reporting statistics due to it being a bridge crime, as animal abusers can, and often do, go on to harm people.


The legislators also noted that June 7th will be the 6th annual New York State Animal Advocacy Day which will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Well of the Legislative Office Building in Albany.