Tedisco: Halfmoon Animal Cruelty Case Underscores Need for Statewide Registry and Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment of Animal Abusers to Protect People and Pets

Assemblyman who was the driving force behind passage of Buster’s animal cruelty felony law calls for passage of legislation to take holistic approach to preventing animal cruelty


In the wake of a grisly crime of animal cruelty in Halfmoon where a nine-month old puppy was set on fire, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) today is calling on the state legislature to pass his legislation to create a statewide registry of animal abusers.  Tedisco was the driving force behind passage of the landmark Buster’s Law which created the felony crime of animal cruelty in New York punishable by up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


A 19-year-old Halfmoon resident faces felony animal cruelty charges under Buster’s Law for allegedly throwing flammable liquid on a pit bull puppy and then tossing lit matches at the dog.  Another 19-year-old Halfmoon man is facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly not providing sustenance to the dog.


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New Tedisco, Murray Bill Requires “Deadbeat” State Elected Officials to Pay Their Taxes Before Taking Office

Assembly members say state lawmakers must “lead by example” on paying their tax obligations before making laws that affect taxes on 19.5 million New Yorkers


“Hey Governor, politicians should pay their taxes or lose their seats because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!”


 That’s the message Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) and Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I-East Patchogue) are sending the Governor today by announcing new legislation to require all state elected officials to lead by example and pay their taxes before they are allowed to take office and pass tax laws impacting the 19.5 million New Yorkers they represent.


The Governor’s proposed 2015-16 New York State Budget requires all new state employees to pay their taxes before they are hired and allowed to begin employment with a state agency.  The Governor’s measure also enables local governments to prohibit tax scofflaws from being hired on the municipal level.


Tedisco and Murray’s legislation, which is being drafted, would bring fairness to the Governor’s proposal for state workers by requiring the Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller and all 213 state legislators to be in good standing with their state and local taxes before they can take office.


“If you want to run for office and serve the public then you should obey the law and pay your taxes. No tax deadbeats allowed,” said Tedisco.


“Everyone has to pay their taxes but we need to hold our elected officials to the same standard we hold the people we seek to represent. Our state elected officials have a duty to lead by example and pay their taxes before they take office and make laws that affect the taxes of the millions of New Yorkers they represent. Who is more of a state worker than lawmakers who are hired by the taxpayers who own this government and are the bosses in this representative democracy?” said Tedisco. 


“This isn't even asking elected officials to go above and beyond, it's asking them to do what millions of New Yorkers do on a regular basis...and that is, pay your taxes.  It was unconscionable that the Assemblyman that I replaced, Ed Hennessey, was cashing a tax payer funded paycheck every two weeks, while being years behind and owing tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes. In essence, the taxpayers were being hit twice by having to pay his salary, while also making up for the taxes that he wasn't paying to fund schools, police and emergency services, garbage collection, road repairs and more.  This is an ethics reform bill that needs to be adopted sooner rather than later,” said Murray. 


Tedisco & Taxpayers: When is the Legislature Going Digital?

Assemblyman who was driving force behind passage of Prop 2, calling on state legislature to stop wasting time, tax dollars and go paperless as 77 % of voters decided


Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) today called on legislative leaders to stop wasting time, tax dollars and paper and immediately begin the implementation of Proposition 2 to enable electronic copies of legislation to suffice on all 213 legislative desks.


Proposition 2 passed overwhelmingly on November 4th with 77 percent of the vote statewide. Tedisco sponsored, debated and strongly promoted Proposition 2 to save taxpayers millions of dollars, make the legislature more efficient and help the environment by stopping the waste of paper at the Capitol.


“It’s been over three months since Election Day and the new legislative term began 41 days ago but almost nothing’s been done to ensure the Legislature adheres to the will of the people who passed Proposition 2 overwhelmingly to stop wasting tax dollars and paper and go digital at the state Capitol,” said Tedisco.


“So far, just one row of desks in the Assembly chamber has been wired to connect to a computer or tablet to display legislation. That’s it. Zero progress when it comes to stopping the waste of tax dollars and the environment by taking all the bills off the members desks and bringing this legislative body into the 21st century as Proposition 2 requires,” said Tedisco.


“What’s the hold-up? This shouldn’t be rocket science. Find an affordable tablet or computer and have an app that’s dedicated to the state legislature’s Legislative Retrieval System so lawmakers can view bills, bill memos, committee agendas and legislative calendars,” said Tedisco. 


“They don’t need to reinvent the internet here.  This should have been done after Election Day,” said Tedisco, who noted that after computer devises are installed, members will still have to be trained on how to use them, further delaying full implementation of the voters’ wishes.



Tedisco: The Day Reform Turned Into Political Expediency in the NYS Assembly

Assembly Majority misses opportunity by electing new speaker without

enacting necessary reforms to change how Albany works  


Statement from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville)


“This is a day that will go down in history, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. It’s the day that hope for reform died in the New York State Assembly as the Assembly Majority turned its back on the taxpayers of New York State by rushing to elect a new Speaker without advancing necessary reforms to change the way Albany operates.  On this day, they turned reform into political expediency.”


“This isn’t about any one individual as a leader, but about the missed opportunity to change for the better, the way this Chamber serves its constituents by creating greater transparency to empower rank and file lawmakers to be a part of the process to attack government corruption through reform.”


“Last week, the Assembly Majority created a so-called ‘Reform Caucus’ to change the way this legislative body operates.  This turned out to be the shortest-lived legislative caucus I’ve ever seen.  May it not rest in peace.”


“Perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly let sunlight shine in the Assembly Chamber has been squandered.  The Majority’s actions today will not be remembered for what they did but for what they didn’t do.  Sadly, I fear if you want a crystal ball prediction of what’s to come moving forward, look to the past.”



Tedisco: Sheldon Silver Should Resign

Statement from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville)


“I’ve said for many years that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should resign based on his lack of leadership in his support of policies that have been tantamount to political malpractice and have devastated the Upstate economy.”


“And now, further, the news about the five-count federal indictment on federal corruption charges against Silver will be an enormous distraction and prevent him from credibly leading the Assembly, especially as the budget process kicks into overdrive in this high stakes year for New York’s economy and our citizens.”


“Silver should resign as Speaker immediately for the good of our state.”

Tedisco: Governor Embraces Plan to Protect Police Cars with Bullet Proof Glass

Statement from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) on Governor’s

Proposed 2015-16 State Budget


“I’m heartened that the Governor has embraced my proposal in the state budget to better protect the men and women who keep New Yorkers safe, our police officers, by equipping their vehicles with bullet proof glass as I first called for on December 21, 2014.”


“If it is good enough for high-ranking government officials and dignitaries to ride around in cars with bullet-proof glass, then it should be for our cops who put their lives on the line and are being tracked down and murdered like prey With this move, New York is sending the message that all lives matter including the lives of those who wear the blue uniform and who day-in, day-out put their lives on the live to protect ours.”


“A bi-partisan group of my colleagues including Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), Senator Phil Boyle (R,C,I-Suffolk County), Senator Marty Golden (R,C,I-Brooklyn) and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn-Staten Island) have introduced legislation (S.1710) to begin to establish an income tax check-off to make permanent this public safety initiative and expand funding to retrofit more law enforcement vehicles in New York State with the best protective bullet proof glass for all windows.”




Tedisco, Boyle, Golden & Malliotakis: Install Bullet-Proof Glass on All Police Cars Because “Blue Lives Matter”

State Legislators to Introduce New Legislation to Retrofit All Police Vehicles in NYS with the Best Protective Bullet-Proof Glass to Help Save Lives


Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville), Senator Phil Boyle (R,C,I-Suffolk County), Senator Marty Golden (R,C,I-Brooklyn) and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn-Staten Island) today said they will introduce new legislation when the legislature returns to require all police vehicles in New York State to have bullet proof glass on the windows to better protect the men and women who keep New Yorkers safe – our police officers.


Tedisco, Boyle, Golden and Malliotakis’s legislation, which is being drafted, would have the bullet proof glass installed in police cars over a phased-in period starting with the NYPD.  The lawmakers are calling for part of the $5.1 billion state surplus to be used to pay for the statewide retrofit.


Yesterday, a gunman mercilessly assassinated NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu through the front passenger window of their patrol car as the police officers sat keeping watch over a neighborhood in Brooklyn. 

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Tedisco: Thruway Grinch Again Trying to Steal Christmas with New Toll Hike

Assemblyman who led fight to stop 45% truck toll hike in 2012, warns Thruway Authority quietly eyeing 49% toll hike on motorists – just in time for the holidays


Here we go again! Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) today is sounding the taxpayer transparency alert on the New York State Thruway Authority which reportedly is secretly planning a whopping 49 percent toll hike on motorists who drive on the Thruway.


 The Thruway Authority Board is planning on meeting on December 15th in Albany and up for consideration is the Authority’s budget which suggests a 5 percent toll hike in 2015 and another 44 percent toll increase by 2018.

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Tedisco: Assembly Recruiting Veterans to Serve as New Interns

State Assembly implementing Tedisco’s initiative to enable veterans to

participate in annual legislative internship program


Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) today announced that the New York State Assembly is implementing his initiative to recruit veterans and members of the military who are enrolled in college to serve in the 2015 legislative internship program.


On February 4, 2014, Tedisco held a press conference with his colleagues and several veterans calling on the Assembly to set aside a minimum of 10 percent of the current Internship program positions for veterans, specifically service-disabled veterans, to apply to be part of this first-in-the-nation pilot initiative (G.I.V.E. Back NY—Giving Internships to Veterans not fully Employed).  Every member of the Assembly Republican Conference signed a letter to Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Intern Chair Deborah Glick calling for implementation of G.I.V.E. Back NY (See attached).

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Assemblyman Tedisco and Senator Larkin: On Veterans Day, Time to G.I.V.E Back to Disabled Veterans

Lawmakers seek first-in-the-nation set-aside program to enable service-disabled

veterans to participate in annual state legislative internship program


On Veterans Day, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) and New York State Senator Bill Larkin (R,C-Cornwall-on-Hudson), a World War II and Korean War combat veteran, today called on the state Legislature to create the G.I.V.E. Back NY program (Giving Internships for disabled Veterans not fully Employed) to enable disabled veterans to participate in the Assembly and Senate’s annual legislative internship program.


Tedisco and Larkin’s legislation (A.9774/S.7626) sets aside 10 percent of the current Assembly Session Internship and Senate Student program positions for service-disabled veterans to apply to be part of this first-in-the-nation pilot initiative. 


The G.I.V.E. Back NY program can also be implemented administratively by the Assembly and Senate leadership.


 “On Veterans Day and every day, we are thankful for everything our veterans have given us so that we are safe and free as Americans. Who better than our wounded warriors to see the inner workings of the republic and representative democracy they put their lives on the line for to the extent they now have to deal with a life-long disability,” said Tedisco.

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